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kuusamo seasoned freshwater fish was finalist in the 2020 tv competition finnish recipe for success

Seasoned fresh water fish

From the clean Finnish lakes

Kuusamo Seasoned Freshwater Fish is a product which combines passion for locally produced food and the clean northern nature with wonderful taste experiences. Our age-old livelihood brings lake fish back to the modern dinner table: pike, roach, and ide presented in a new form, spiced up with bold new aromas.

Kuusamo Seasoned Freshwater Fish is ready to use as is. Put some butter and oil in a pan on medium heat, and let the slices sizzle for 3 minutes, or add to a sauce or a casserole.

  • 90% fish
  • boneless
  • rich in protein
  • rich in vitamin D
  • non-dairy and gluten-free


INGREDIENTS: Finnish freshwater fish (pike, ide, roach, bream) 90 %, water, rapeseed oil, pea protein, corn flour, seasoning (onion, black pepper, white pepper, paprika, coriander, garlic, cumin, oregano, cayenne pepper, caraway seeds), inulin, salt, sugar, thickener E450, natural lemon flavouring.

STORAGE: Packed with modified atmosphere packaging. Store under +3 °C.

Canned freshwater fish

Roach in oil, whitefish in oil, smoked pike fillet in oil, vendace in oil, Kuusamo seasoned freshwater fish, vendace in tomato sauce, vendace in garlic sauce, smoked vendace in oil, whitefish in tomato sauce, smash in tomato sauce.

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