Fish from clean Finnish lakes

kuusamo seasoned freshwater fish

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Kuusamo Seasoned Freshwater Fish is a product which combines passion for locally produced food and the clean northern nature with wonderful taste experiences. Our age-old livelihood brings lake fish back to the modern dinner table: pike, roach, and ide presented in a new form, spiced up with bold new aromas.

Kuusamo Seasoned Freshwater Fish is ready to use as is. Put some butter and oil in a pan on medium heat, and let the slices sizzle for 3 minutes, or add to a sauce or a casserole.

  • 90% fish
  • boneless
  • rich in protein
  • rich in vitamin D
  • non-dairy and gluten-free


INGREDIENTS: Finnish freshwater fish (pike, ide, roach, bream) 90 %, water, rapeseed oil, pea protein, corn flour, seasoning (onion, black pepper, white pepper, paprika, coriander, garlic, cumin, oregano, cayenne pepper, caraway seeds), inulin, salt, sugar, thickener E450, natural lemon flavouring.

STORAGE: Packed with modified atmosphere packaging. Store under +3 °C.

Our traditional fish products are also included in our selection

Warm-smoked fish, raw-pickled fish, canned freshwater fish, fish marinades.
Our canned products are available in over 700 shops around Finland

New flavours of Kuusamon Kala

Tar-flavoured whitefish and pike

Something new for your fish platter

Ready-to-use fish marinades. Perfect with new potatoes and sour cream.

Tar-flavoured whitefish: wild whitefish, water, vinegar, sugar, tar aroma, white pepper, carrot, onion

Tar-flavoured pike: pike, water, vinegar, sugar, tar aroma, white pepper, carrot, onion

Pike steak

With Kuusamo smoked cheese

Ready for the charcoal grill.

Pike, Kuusamo Smoked Cheese, salt (1.5 %), black pepper, chili, pea, garlic, chicory, beet/cane, corn

Serving tip >

Flavoured raw pickels

Juniper and spruce tip pickled rainbow trout

Enjoy as is or with potato flatbread, or use as garnish in a sandwich cake.

The spruce tip has a wonderful aroma of fresh spruce forest.

Roasted rainbow trout

Modern sandwich cake

The star of the buffet table. Serve with new potatoes and green salad.

Modern sandwich cake, 100 % local, smoked rainbow trout.

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