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Kuusamon kala ltd

The cool, northern lakes are abundant with crispy-fresh fish. We believe in the rising demand of locally produced ingredients as part of a healthy diet. We want to bring interesting new fish dishes to the everyday dinner table.

About us

For some time, a common concern for us, the owners of Kuusamon Kala Ltd, has been the low degree of processing of locally caught fish. As passionate lovers of fish, we decided to do something about the situation.

We founded a company that has created an entirely new approach to processing local fish.

Our company carries on the life’s work of Arto Määttä, who established his company Kalajaloste in Kuusamo in 1992. Arto sold us his business, and his career continues in our employ. The products his company created are still available from us.

Entrepreneurship is the common denominator among the owners of Kuusamon Kala Ltd. Between us, we have more than 100 years of experience from various fields of business.

Our MD Juha Korhonen is responsible for the purchasing of fish in the company. Juha has worked as professional fisherman since the 1990s. He knows all the local fishermen and fish farmers.

Product development is the responsibility of Chef Jarmo Pitkänen. Jarmo worked in top fine-dining restaurants around the world before returning to his home town to establish an exquisite private restaurant that specializes in wild food. Jarmo creates new products for us in the kitchen of his Studio Restaurant Tundra.

Other shareholders in our company are Maria and Mikael Planting, and Harri Lämsä. Maria, our board chair, and Mikael have extensive experience both as entrepreneurs and from the financial and HoReCa sectors. Harri has experience of working in various boards of directors, and as barrister he is responsible for the administration of our company.

Jarmo Pitkänen

Product Development

Maria Planting


Harri Lämsä


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